Ethical Making Showcase

Ethical Making in jewellery and silversmithing is about minimising the environmental and social impact of one’s practice. It is important because currently it can be difficult for makers to tell where their materials come from and in what conditions they have been mined. The Incorporation of Goldsmiths aims to make transparent, ethical sourcing the norm and to make Scotland known throughout the world as the trustworthy producer of ethically sourced, imaginatively designed and exquisitely made jewellery and silver. We do this through our work with makers, Art Colleges and schools, as well as buyers.

We have put together a small selection of work by makers, demonstrating the variety of different ways in which “ethical making” can be interpreted and achieved, from using Fairtrade Gold, to recycled silver.

Work by Ute Decker

Work by Ute Decker

Many thanks to the following makers, who have contributed to this showcase: Cox & Power, Jen Cunningham, Ute Decker, Farado Design, Amanda Li Hope, Arabel Lebrusan, Anna Loucah, Alison Macleod, Ian Nicholson, and Karen Westland.

Look out for the major exhibition of Ethical Jewellery coming to Elements 4 in November 2018!

Where: Lyon & Turnbull, 33 Broughton Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3RR

When: 11am – 6pm, 2-5 November