Renewal - Selected works from the European Silversmiths Forum, Hammerclub.

The exhibition ‘Renewal’ marks the first visit to the UK of the European Silversmiths Forum also known as the HammerClub; a gathering of European silversmiths, who come together annually in a different part of Europe.

Open from the 8th – 10th of November, this exhibition takes its theme from the regeneration of the 2019 host city Dundee, the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design and home to the V&A Dundee design museum. Featuring sixty selected silversmithing works, it explores renewal through innovation and new technologies, the re-use of materials, new designs for familiar objects, the reinvention of traditions and techniques, development of form through repetition of shape or action, and renewal within nature.

The exhibition was organised by Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, part of the University of Dundee and is supported by the Goldsmiths’ Centre and the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh. Selected works by silversmiths from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, England, USA, as well as Scotland, who employ a wide diversity and range in the techniques, materials, and cultural styles of silversmithing.63 Selected works from the exhibition will be shown at Elements for our 2019 exhibtion.

It is hoped that the exhibition will introduce visitors to the nature and form of contemporary silversmithing and renew enthusiasm for this beautiful, lustrous material that tells incredible stories. Silver has shifted from being used to display wealth, to acting as a centre piece, conversation starter and medium for sharing ideas and stories. For example, the work by Scottish maker Bryony Knox brings to life an old legend from the Isle of Jura; in winter the swallows dive into the water and transform into fish and then re-emerge in the spring as swallows again. We are sure that these pieces will captivate and excite public enthusiasm for silver and its ability to stimulate conversations on a variety of topics.

Selected works by exhibiting silversmiths:

Carsten From Andersen, Lasse Bæhring, Eva Bauer, Martin Bläse, Nuno Borges, Emil Borregaard, Mana Sarabhai Brearley, Stuart Cairns, Stella Campion, Byoung-Chul Cho, “Carolien & Georges” Cuyvers, Rebecca De Quin, Paul  de Vries, Andreas Decker, Paul Derrez, Karen-Ann Dicken, Hamish Dobbie, Charlotte Duckworth, Yuki Ferdinandsen, Andrew Fleming, Trevor Forrester, Rajesh Gogna, Kevin Grey, Iona Hall, Naama Haneman, Miriam Hanid, Mathias Heck, Samuel Hemmett, Eve Hendry-Cockburn, Rauni Higson, Kathryn Hinton, Annabel Hood, Maja Houtman, Mana Kehr, Veerle Keijzer, Yaroslava Kellermann, Ji-Young Kim, Bryony Knox, Ludwig Menzel, Peteler Micha, Roger Millar, Cecilia Moore, Samantha Moore, Cara Murphy, Peter Musson, Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill, Alex O’Connor, Komelia H.Okim, Irene Orr, Marius Perl, Thomas Raschke, Larissa Thiel, Hazel Thorn, Katie Watson, Karen Westland, Frances Julie Whitelaw, Sandra Wilson, Ellys May Woods, Yusuke Yamamoto, Congwei Yang.

In addition to the Renewal exhibition we have invited The Scottish Gallery to curate a showcase of work by the late Wendy Ramshaw.

Wendy Ramshaw – Celebrating A Modern Master

Wendy Ramshaw (1939-2018) was an international champion of modern jewellery. The Scottish Gallery is delighted to have represented her work since the late 1980s and Wendy Ramshaw – Celebrating A Modern Master pays tribute to this relationship.  Acclaimed globally as one of the key figures in the British Contemporary Jewellery movement from 1960 onwards, Ramshaw’s work is instantly recognisable for its signature geometry and skilfully executed design.  The Scottish Gallery hold a collection of available works from key periods in Wendy Ramshaw’s career including; Picasso’s Ladies, Room of Dreams and a Journey Through Glass. This exhibition provides a glimpse into Ramshaw’s spectacular career and will include her signature ringsets.


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