A Design Discovery: Great British Silver 1940-2016 featuring the Pearson Silver Collection

This exhibition, curated specially for Elements, showed the relationship between national events in the UK and silver design over the past 70 years.

The interweaving of our nation’s recent history with the story of British design made this a truly engrossing exhibition for visitors – from connoisseurs of silver to those who have as yet no experience of silver design. The correlation between world events and design seems so clear once it is pointed out, but this is the first time it has been made evident through such a magnificent collection of silver.

A Design Discovery featured the most talented silversmiths of our times, from pre-WW2 to those practising today – many of whom also exhibited at Elements 2.

The experience of creating this exhibition was stimulating and enjoyable, not least because of the tireless energy and enthusiasm of The Pearson Silver Collection’s curator, John Andrew, without whom this exhibition could not have happened.


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Banner image: Ane Christensen, Dented Bowl, 2005

Benney hot water jug

Gerald Benney, hot water jug, 1949