The Elements 1 Exhibition

Through the work of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths’, we were delighted to bring together this collection of objects for the Elements 1 Exhibition.

They show the commonality of excellence of craftsmanship and design in Scotland’s gold and silversmithing community, mirrored in collections from around the United Kingdom. Silver’s lasting legacy is its continued use over the millennia: designs may change and move with fashion, but function remains constant from generation to generation.

Elements provided the unique opportunity to showcase a wide range of post-war British silver collections, never before seen together and, in some cases, publicly exhibited for the first time. The exhibition showed the varied making techniques, fashions and uses of silver, as well as the different ways in which items can be commissioned and collected.

This exhibition included objects from:

Silver of the Stars

The Millennium Collection for Bute House

The Silver Trust Collection on loan to 10 Downing Street

The Pearson Silver Collection



Banner image: Grant McCaig, Fruit Bowl, 1999

Sharleen Spiteri & Sarah Hutchison, Teapot & Cups

Sharleen Spiteri Teapot and Cups (Silversmith: Sarah Hutchison)