Meet the Makers

GSA Collective: Anna Gordon

The Glasgow School of Art has a long tradition of metalwork beginning the day the school was established in 1845. The GSA Collective consists of the six members of academic staff currently teaching in the Silversmithing and Jewellery Department.

Anna Gordon (jewellery) is interested in drawing and the quality of the drawn line.  She sees the pieces of jewellery as a sketch on the body, sometimes 3 dimensional and often with an element of movement.  She enjoys the changes to a piece as the light plays on it, creating a shadow on the wearer or catching the brightness of gold leaf.  She likes this contrast and feel it gives the work another dimension.

The repeated unit plays a key role in her work. She has recently been exploring this using textile pattern and prints, especially Japanese silks and origami papers.  She particularly enjoys experimenting with these simplified organic and geometric forms, using a palette of precious metal as well as introducing natural materials, gemstones, and enamel.