If you’re looking for something different to add a personalised touch to an outfit these fantastic gold and silver cufflinks from the makers at Elements showcase their diverse skills and styles perfectly.

Cufflinks - Graeme McColm

Graeme McColm

These rough cut cufflinks by Graeme McColm are a perfect blend of elegant and edgy.




Mark Nuell - Cufflinks

Mark Nuell – Silver and Gold Cufflinks

The vibrant stones in these chunky cufflinks make them a bold and stand-out choice.




Eileen Gatt – Stanley and his Stick
Who could resist these dog-and-stick cufflinks? This perfect pair would make a great gift for the dog-lover in your life.




Hamish Dobbie - Hexagon Cufflinks

Hamish Dobbie – Hexagon Cufflinks

If you’re looking for something with a masculine edge, you won’t go wrong with these Hexagon Cufflinks by Hamish Dobbie.




Stacey Bentley - Black and White Tube Cufflinks

Stacey Bentley – Tube Cufflinks
Clean, contemporary cufflinks with an industrial feel.




Karen Westland – Fragmented CufflinksKaren Westland - Fragmented Cufflinks

These striking cufflinks, like all of Karen Westland’s silverware and jewellery, are made from recycled precious metals and other responsibly sourced materials.




Karen Wallace - Whirlpool Cufflinks

Karen Wallace – Whirlpool Cufflinks

The intricate pattern of these cufflinks has been hand engraved by Karen, giving a unique touch to the finished design.




Bouy Cufflinks - Heather McDermott

Heather McDermott – Buoy Cufflinks
Made from stainless steel and silver these buoy cufflinks are inspired by the distressed buoys found along the Sleat shoreline and the colours of the Isle of Skye.




Cristina Zani - Cufflinks

Cristina Zani
Cristina Zani is inspired by the architecture of South Korea. These cufflinks combine precious metals with natural painted woods.




Eileen Gatt - March of the PenguinsEileen Gatt – The March of the Penguins

Eileen captures the character of the plodding penguin in these quirky but sophisticated cufflinks.