Silver Speaks’ is a year-long programme of exhibitions, events and conversations taking place across the UK. Silver Speaks is designed to show how silver can enhance contemporary living, architecture and fashion. It is run by Contemporary British Silversmiths, who represent the UK silversmiths nationally and internationally, with the aim of raising the profile of the craft of silversmithing through public exhibitions.

A number of the UK’s most talented makers are featured in Silver Speaks and we are delighted to have several of these are exhibiting at Elements, including Angus McFadyen, Brett Payne, Hamish Dobbie, Hazel Thorn, Kathryn Hinton, Karen Westland, Mary Ann Simmons and Ryan McClean.

In 2016 Elements worked in partnership with Contemporary British Silversmiths to bring you two workshops hosted by Silver Speaks makers, Hamish Dobbie and Mary Ann Simmons. Each silversmith demonstrated a different technique, allowing visitors to see the unique skills that silversmiths employ and an opportunity to ask questions and learn about this ancient craft.

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