The Outstanding Scottish Student Jewellery Award is an annual award open to students from Scottish colleges that offer Jewellery and Silversmithing courses. The students submit silver goblet designs and the winner is then paired with an established silversmith who they work with to create the goblet.

The winner of the Jewellery award for 2015/16 was Glasgow School of Art student Naomi Scott, who created this stunning goblet, inspired by the movement of fabric. Naomi was paired with talented silversmith, Grant McCaig and worked with him in his London studio to make the finished piece. Grant is also one of the ten makers who contributed to the Silver of The Stars collection, which was exhibited at Elements 1.

Photo by Alex Robson

Naomi’s winning goblet – Photo by Alex Robson

Naomi said of the experience, “Taking into consideration the difficulties my design posed, working alongside Grant’s endless enthusiasm and creativity enabled me to adapt workshop tools and invent new techniques to achieve my desired aesthetic. This award has provided me with the opportunity to push boundaries on traditional methods and gain a valuable insight into the practice of a silversmith, a fundamental aspect in the progression of my career.”

Visitors were able to see Naomi’s Goblet, as well as all other previous winning pieces, in the Elements Festival 2 Exhibition in Edinburgh.