The 2016s Elements Festival saw 48 stands offering a dazzling collection of jewellery and silverware. We were thrilled to welcome back many makers from last year and to be exhibiting a number of new makers in 2016.

Makers 2016 - Beth Gilmour Dichroma_necklace_

Dichroma necklace by Beth Gilmour

2016’s show again attracted talent from far and wide, with makers hailing from all over Scotland and the UK. Elements 2 brought together makers from many corners of the country including Dorset, the Isle of Skye, London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Perth and Edinburgh, to name but a few.

Makers 2016 - Hamish Dobbie Whisky Tumblers

A range of beakers by Hamish Dobbie

We were pleased to be joined by a number of makers who were previous winners of the Incorporation’s Outstanding Scottish Student Award, where the winner was paired with an experienced silversmith to produce a goblet of their own design. Hazel Thorn, Hamish Dobbie and Karen Westland all created goblets and it is wonderful to see that they have continued to pursue silversmithing and were able to join us for Elements Festival, offering both silverware and jewellery.

We also welcomed back two exhibitors who contributed pieces for Silver of the Stars; Sarah Cave created the beautiful claret jug and beakers for theatre producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh, and Sarah Hutchison who created a stunning diamond teapot for Texas singer, Sharleen Spiteri. Sarah was also recently commissioned to create a similar teapot to add to the prestigious Chitra Collection of Newby’s teas.

Makers 2016 - Angus McFadyen Damask Beaker

Damask Beaker by Angus McFadyen

Finally, we were thrilled that a number of exhibitors recently included in the stunning exhibition of silver at the National Museum of Scotland, The Silversmith’s Art also  exhibited at Elements Festival. These talented silversmiths included Kathryn Hinton, Sheila McDonald, Mary Ann Simmons and Angus McFadyen.

The full list of makers in Elements 2 is below:

Donna Barry
Stacey Bentley
Adele Brereton
Sarah Cave
Jenny Deans
Hamish Dobbie
Eileen Gatt
Yvonne Gilhooly
Karina Gill
Beth Gilmour
Grace Girvan
Anne Clare Graham & David Hempstead
GSA Collective
Sarah Herriot
Kathryn Hinton
Sarah Hutchison
Rebecca Joselyn
Bryony Knox
Gilly Langton
Beth Legg
Linda Lewin
Hannah Livingston
Alison Macleod
Sophie Martin Glinel
Rhona McCallum
Ryan McClean
Graeme McColm
Heather McDermott
Sheila McDonald
Angus McFadyen
Grainne Morton
Mark Nuell
Filipa Oliveira
Brett Payne
Dot Sim
Mary Ann Simmons
Craig Stuart
The Three Tassies
Joanne Thompson
Hazel Thorn
Charlotte Tollyfield
Anna Wales
Karen Wallace
Karen Westland
Misun Won
Heather Woof
Cristina Zani