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Anne Clare Graham | David Hempstead

Anne Clare Graham works in precious metals, semi- precious and precious stones making jewellery and small silversmithing pieces from her studio in Kilbarchan. The concept for her jewellery designs has evolved through a series of observations and drawings of architectural and organic forms and their juxtaposition. This has resulted in her work being a combination of geometric and stylised natural shapes. These pieces are produced using traditional as well as new technology, such as laser cutting and etching. The details are integrated in the designs using texture, shape and form, balancing symbolic elements in silver and gold. Anne was shortlisted last year for Creative & Cultural Skills, Jewellery Skills of the Year Award 2015.

David Hempstead’s work has evolved to become minimal, selecting interesting stones combined with silver and gold. Some pieces explore three dimensional, sculptural possibilities using bracelets and bangles .His brooches are about form, texture, shape and composition using combinations of precious coloured stones and metals. Working in a traditional skills based way with a contemporary European influenced design concept. He produces unique and desirable hand-made pieces. His silversmithing is traditionally hand raised and planished.

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