Meet the Makers

Isabelle Capitain

For Isabelle handmaking jewellery is all about combining traditional methods of making with modern technology. Every piece is made in her London studio from start to finish including all the setting work. Simple understated elegance is key to Isabelle’s designs, as is the use of precious metals and high quality gemstones and diamonds.

Isabelle’s designs are very much influenced by the German art school Bauhaus. In the literal sense her formal language makes use of the clean lines and minimalism that is so intrinsic to Bauhaus artists and in the figurative sense she draws on the “form follows function” mindset: As well as having a strong design it is important for a piece to be crafted to the highest standards and be wearable and long lasting.

Isabelle also draws on her experience of working for and with highly skilled master crafts people during her years in the industry.